Creative Events and Shows Production

The ultimate event experience is achieved when there is a brilliant idea at heart and when all elements of such an event are beautifully combined. The Entertainment experience is great when an act is unique but also when it is staged properly, when the lighting is at its most effective , when the event decor is creative and stylish, when the food is a tasteful delight and an art to watch, when the right location is chosen as a frame for the event and used at its best, when service is spot on, when the guest’s flow is seamless and a climax of pleasant surprises overwhelms their experience.

With over ten years experience in Events Production, with GS Live you don’t just receive access to creative ideas and the best talent around but you also receive a reliable and experienced organisational hand to take away any worry before and during the event.

We can look after all production aspects of your event, from staging to decor, to enhance any performance, bring out a theme and create memorable and immersive experiences for your guests.

Gaia Peggy Saccomanno can also join your team as Creative Event Producer. Follow Gaia on Linkedin and get in touch directly for a chat or consultation!

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