Theme of the month: Alice in Wonderland!

//Theme of the month: Alice in Wonderland!

Another Alice in Wonderland event? Not quite. Alice in Wonderland stays one of the hottest events themes and that is because it remains a masterpiece of literature and an inspiration for all things creative, absurd and wonderful. But how to make the much used theme memorable and unique? Take the best performers around showing unbelievable circus skills in mesmerising costumes, immerse the guests in a parallel world made of surreal characters, let the flowers make the music, have the best illusionist in the country read your mind from the top of mushroom, don’t forget the fearful Queen of Hearts, have beautifully tailored costumes and space specific choreographies…(the list continues). Then put creative minds and professional hands together, working as one with other suppliers. Must be bespoke, must be Immersive.

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