Who said that your office party should be the same as the year before? When organising a corporate dinner, entertainment is the key. Choosing the right theme for your evening will determine the success of your event. Therefore, a great entertainment will get your guests involved. They will be captivated by live performances, bespoke acts and unusual shows. A well delivered performance will contribute to build a collective memory while reinforcing work relationships. We at GS Live believe in the emotional element of an experience. For this reason, we collected five ideas to inspire you for your next, original corporate event.


Throw yourself into a different planet surrounded by paranormal creatures. Get to know more about your colleagues exploring new, alternative ways to get involved. From our alien contortionists that will blow your mind with their amazing agility, to our extra-terrestrial Djs that will get your audience on the dance floor, your party will be a success. Thanks to this unique theme, you will notice the reactions of your work fellows and discover more about their personalities, because it’s easy to break the ice in an alternative universe. Finally, to add even more interaction, robots and arcade games can be an efficient idea to get everyone involved and team up for some healthy competition!


First of all, imagine sitting on a long dining table. You are having a chat with Winston Churchill with a wonderful female trio in the background, singing close harmonies. The atmosphere is extremely vintage and old fashioned. We have a large catalogue of live acts suitable for an event like this, from our historical lookalikes and singing waiters, to our tap dancers and swing musicians. A retro themed night is open to so many memorable ideas that will make your party exclusive, starting from a strict vintage dress code. And let’s say it, who doesn’t like the style of the 40s, with its fashionable hats and its sleek dresses?


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Mad Hatter table! Circus and magic are the main element of this extravagant theme. Your guests will be surprised by a variety of circus acts and mesmerised by wandering illusionists. Team up with your colleagues and chase the White Rabbit, solve the clues with the help of the juggling Tweedledum and Tweedledee and finally find Alice. Get ready for a breath-taking performance that will become a recurrent topic of so many conversations at the office!


Forget your Muggle world for an evening and enjoy a bespoke journey to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We offer a variety of professional magicians that will perform their best tricks for your guests: the most traditional card game masters as well as our sensational mind readers. Your colleagues can get the chance to meet Professor Dumbledore in person or watch incredible owl aerial performances. Finally, they can even fly on a Nimbus 2000 thanks to the technology of our green screen photo booths. All of your guest will live a magic night and never forget this experience. Seeing is believing!


Re-experience a true feast dinner in the style of Henry VIII and surprise your audience with a variety of acts. Your guests will be delighted by the quiet sound of a harpist, or our strolling minstrels telling stories to your table. A bespoke circus performance will accompany each one of your courses, from our jugglers with your starters to our acrobats with your dessert. While entertainment will be the key of this dinner, props and costumes will also be provided to the audience for an authentic, immersive recreation of an era that shaped Britain five hundred years ago.

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