Organising a corporate event can be a daunting process, especially when your guests are a very heterogeneous mix of people. In fact, it gets very easy to overthink about all the details: is the location big enough? Which non-alcoholic option is the best? What is the right centrepiece? And most importantly: what kind of live music will make the difference?
You wouldn’t leave your guests without a live performance. On the other hand, you also want to make sure the entertainment chosen will be memorable. It must be unique but well known, fun but elegant, extravagant but classic…complicated, right? Follow our advice, read about our 5 choices of live music and pick your favourite idea for your next event.


Who does not want to immerse themselves in those good old feelings?
Companies parties or client’s events are there to create a bond between your guests and music is there to strengthen that bond though the share of emotions…and memories!
Create an 80s themed night at your corporate event and have David Bowie plaguing live while Prince is on the decks.
Close your gala dinner with an epic sing along with the Killer Queen Show. You’ll hear new harmonies from your audience during a perfect execution of Bohemian Rhapsody. We love a good throwback!


We have all been to endless conventions, interminable seminars and everlasting meetings. Imagine how your guests would feel if you were able to change this cliché: in fact, a conference can rock! Take a look at our classic rock bands, such as H2NY, and choose the set up that meets your requirements best. You must make sure that their pit on stage is hidden from the audience. Then, reveal the surprise and lighten up the atmosphere with some all-time favourite tunes!


Experiment with something out of the ordinary, and choose from a variety of unusual music acts from the world. Bring sounds and colours from the Americas, or tribal rhythms from the Southern Emisphere. You can travel through Eastern countries and discover remote Asian traditions at your corporate event. Feel in Havana with our Cuban Acts or bring the gentile sound of the Kora to your reception; a great alternative to the harp.


Having a good Dj reading the guests’ behaviours at an event and putting on the right music at the right moment is always ideal. When you can add live instruments to it, the experience is of an even higher level. From a lounge Ibiza sound, to some funky beats, a live DJ set is ideal for background as well as for a packed the dance floors. The Kitts Project do this brilliantly thanks to smashing vocals as do High on Heels bringing their high energy and glamour on any stage. While sax and violin will give a great musical frame to any networking do.

High On Heels


The main characteristic of versatile musicians is their capability of recreating the real sound of an era. Not just by playing an old song, they immerse themselves into music, getting the audience involved. Having a vintage music band playing can transform the entire feel of your corporate event. For example, Dolce Vita Live band will make your guests feel the taste of Italy in the 1960s, with its fashionable lifestyle. If you prefer to recreate a real Swing, Jive and Boogie night, then the Flash Mob Jazz are perfect for the dance floor but also in the background, in a more chilled setting.

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