7 Acts To Add Some Seasonal Sparkle!

//7 Acts To Add Some Seasonal Sparkle!

’Tis the season for sparkle and lights, so we’ve got a few great acts to bring a touch of Christmas shine to your events. (Although they’ll work great at any time of year!)

These artists are all guaranteed to make your audience remember your event: each one is a mind-blowing feast for the eyes and ears. Visually stunning, they are guaranteed to keep your audience engaged.

Show-Stopping Chandelier Contortionist

Consider yourself warned – jaws will hit the floor when you add this act to your event! Simultaneously gorgeous, tasteful, elegant and supremely talented, our chandelier contortionist is the ultimate after-dinner performance artist to take centre stage and keep your crowd transfixed at exclusive events. Listen as the noise level drops: even at lively events, suddenly you will be able to hear a pin drop. Don’t take our word for it – watch an example here.

Halo Glow Show

Stunning and sophisticated, the Glow Show is an explosive visual stage act that uses super bright LEDs to illuminate a dazzling array of onstage talent, choreographed to perfection by virtuoso stage performers. In a performance that is both elegant and extraordinary, circus standards such as juggling and hula hoops are given an up-market makeover. Companies can even add branding to the performance as an optional extra – a huge bonus for post-event promotion. Watch a sample here.

The Mirror Man

Clad head to toe in mirror fragments, the Mirror Man can pose as a statue which makes for an eye-catching piece of performance art, but we think he works best as a dance floor act – he’ll get everybody moving and interacting later in the evening, and make sure the party goes on until it’s time to wrap up. Slightly surreal and always brilliant, the Mirror Man is guaranteed to catch the eye, and makes a great photo opportunity – highly instagramable! Take a look at them in action here.

Light Energy Dance LED Dancers

An aesthetic treat that works best on stage as an entertainment centrepiece as part of a dinner show, this troupe of 5 dancers wears electronic suits fitted with LED lights that change in time to the music. Watch a sample here.


An extremely physical, percussion-based stage show, this is an attention-demanding way to bring any showcase event to a close – it’s high impact, vivid and enrapturing. Performed indoors or on stage, it’s a very adaptable show which crescendos to an astonishing climax of smoke, sound, light and music, and can also work brilliantly as a dance and drum opener to outdoor segments, such as fireworks shows. Check them out here.


Imagination in motion: the Dundu puppetry show is a visual feast of epic storytelling, gigantic characters (the largest is over 5m high!) and creative lighting. With a range of personalities brought to life by master puppeteer Tobias Husemann, the show is an emotive and captivating way of engaging with audiences. Watch the puppets in action here.

The Lightwalkers

A magical way to welcome guests that works equally well outside or indoors (as long as your venue has high ceilings!). The Lightwalkers are a stilt performance troupe that are both extremely talented and beautifully presented – the fairytale aesthetic makes them look like they just stepped out of a Disney movie. Watch them in action in this slideshow.

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