The Greatest Show On Earth!

//The Greatest Show On Earth!

Take a leaf out of P. T. Barnum’s book and curate your own greatest show on Earth experience for your next event. The incendiary entertainer was immortalised in film last year, played by Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman, and for good reason: his events were some of the grandest shows ever to have toured the world.

These were the shows to see in the mid-late 1800s. Internationally renowned and always controversial, his events featured displays of strength, daring acrobatics, sideshows, contortionists and exotic (sometimes fictional) animals. Following the success of the movie, the format is experiencing a resurgence in events right now, trending in 2018. And by the looks of it, it’ll be a popular theme this year too.

What You’ll Need for the Greatest Show on Earth

A Greatest Showman event features strolling acts, dining entertainment, stage shows, opening performances and an epic, bespoke grand finale. So if you’re looking for an event theme that’s interactive, has plenty of wow factor and leaves an impression on your guests, then look no further. Just don’t get a lion tamer, or you’ll need the greatest insurance policy on Earth to cover it!

Now without further ado, here’s what you’ll need to put on your very own Greatest Show on Earth.

A Great Host

Desmond O'Connor

Of course, greatest show-style events are only as good as the host, so you need someone talented enough to keep people entertained. Desmond O’ Connor is a seasoned professional and hosts cabaret and circus events all over the UK. Take a look here.

The Strongmen

The Acrochaps

Perfect for the theme, the Acrochaps sport moustaches that look like they just arrived from Victorian England (or Shoreditch?). Their feats of derring-do will leave guests flabbergasted, and they work brilliantly as a strolling act or as a main attraction. Check them out. (Image © Tim Hill)

The Sideshows


OK, so it’s not very PC, but some people have extra-special abilities that don’t fall into any other category. Take Gary Stretch for example, who’s got the stretchiest skin you’ve ever seen. If that doesn’t float your boat, then there’s Keith Gordon (the man with full body tattoos), Elaine Davidson (the most pierced woman on Earth) or the Bearded Dame…

Victorian Magic Show

Sir Foxley

Wow your audience with feats of wonder and sleight of hand, impeccably performed as a strolling act or on stage. Sir Foxley is the ideal performer as he looks the part, clad head-to-toe in Victorian garb. Take a peek.

Aerials – Hoops, Silk or Trapeze

Katie Hardwick

Striking and spectacular, aerial performers add another dimension to events. They perform breathtaking routines and work wonderfully set to music as a centrepiece act, or as an ambient, ‘hangabout’ act. A few recommended performers include Anna, on the Aerial Hoop, and Katie, on Aerial Silk.

Bespoke Grand Finale Show

The Greatest Showman

The ultimate in greatest show on Earth experiences, a main stage finale should last around 10 minutes. Themes are customisable, but it could be a celebration of Britain’s past, present and future. It’s the perfect finale for high-end events, with dancers, circus performers, musicians, an LED drum troupe and video projections. This is a great way to bring the West End direct to your client.

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