A World of Entertainment

//A World of Entertainment

In London, when it comes to world entertainment, events professionals are spoilt for choice. We’ve got leading performers in a vast range of world music and dance right here on our doorstep. A samba band that’s famous in Brazil? Check. World famous origami artist? Check. How about dancers from real Bollywood movies? No problem!

As the Chinese New Year holidays draw to a close, we’re bringing you some of the best performers that London has to offer. Not only that, but we can help you get these very performers at your events and venues.

Bei Bei – Chinese Drummer

World Entertainment - Bei Bei Wang

Make no mistake – a Chinese drum troupe is loud! But it’s a spectacle for the eyes too, packed full of colour and motion. We recommend virtuoso percussionist Bei Bei Wang. She specialises in the Tanggu (a ceremonial drum), and her performances are set to music and always expertly choreographed. As a main stage showpiece, her performance demands the attention of every guest in the room.

Bei Bei is a renowned soloist with degrees from the Central Conservatory of Music and the Royal Academy of Music. Her music spans many genres, ranging from classical to contemporary, and electronic to jazz. She has featured as a soloist at the Edinburgh International Festival, the Lucerne Festival, the Bach Academy Musikfest Stuttgart. In addition, she has worked with leading orchestras, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Take a look at a stage show here.

Thousand Hands Chinese Dance

World Entertainment - Thousand Arm Dance

This is a particularly beautiful and subtle dance performance that enraptures the room with graceful choreography. Dancers line up so that from the audience’s perspective, it looks like one dancer with a thousand arms. Historically rooted in traditional Chinese buddhism, the Guanyin dance is named for a bodhisattva (holy person) associated with compassion. She is traditionally depicted in various forms, one of which has a thousand hands.

The lead dancer and choreographer is Wanlin Steele, a professional dancer and the founder of the Wanlin Dance School. She trained professionally as a dancer from the age of ten, later graduating from the world-renowned Beijing Dance Academy. See a performance here.

Brazilian Dancers

World Entertainment - Brazilian Dancers

If you want to blow the roof off any event, why not try London’s premier Brazilian Samba dance and percussion band? Not only do they boast an impressive repertoire of authentic Rio Samba and Caribbean beats, but they even drop in some reggae, funk, disco and hip hop. Mix that with a troupe of exceptional dancers and you’ve got a potent cocktail. People aren’t going to want to leave early!

The dancers steal the show. Stunningly beautiful, they strut around the stage or dance floor in eye-catching costumes to entertain guests. With all their energy, they create a great atmosphere, suitable for after dinner or as a wandering act. The theme can be expanded with singers, horns and dancers to provide a carnival spectacular with upwards of 20 performers.

They’ve got pedigree too, having played major festivals including Glastonbury, the Southbank Festival and Notting Hill Carnival. In the private events sector, they’ve performed for royalty – a true hallmark of world entertainment. And they’ve even graced the stage at the famous Circo Voador in Rio De Janeiro itself!

Bollywood Shows

World Entertainment - Bollywood Dancers

India famously has the world’s largest film industry, with Bollywood alone averaging one release per day in 2017! Famous for vibrant colours, vivacious vocals and gigantic choreographed dances, it also makes a spectacular addition to a corporate event.

Our Bollywood troupe performs spectacular dances, and has worked on numerous Bollywood films, TV shows and musicals. We think it works best centre stage or as after-dinner entertainment, because it’s such an attention-demanding performance.

Dolce Vita Live (Italy)

Dolce Vita

Harkening back to the golden age of Italian cinema, Dolce Vita Live recreates the sound and style of 1960’s Italy. Based around Federico Fellini’s classic 1960 film, the show epitomises the glamourous fashion and music of the era. The singer is our modern day version of Sophia Loren, boasting an evocative voice that will enthuse even the most cynical of guests.

A versatile act, Dolce Vita Live can perform background music as a trio, as a cabaret show with other acts or as a big band of up to 9 pieces. However they perform the style, glamour and theatricality will always remain. We can even provide a fully themed event, recreating Veneto in Rome circa 1960 using decor and props.

Dolce Vita Live has performed all over London in upscale venues including the British Museum, the Ritz, the Italian Embassy and the Baglioni hotel.

One Drum

World Entertainment - One Drum

One Drum is an African dance-percussion group, led by Abass Dodoo. From Ghana, Abass has recorded with the likes of Van Morrison and Cream drummer Ginger Baker, so his pedigree as a world entertainment performer is well-known. In addition, he partnered with the Royal Shakespeare Company on a production of Julius Caesar, and is known throughout the world as the go-to guy for authentic African percussion shows.

To add an African theme to your event, we recommend two standing African drummers to welcome guests on arrival, followed by a dance performance of around 15 minutes. The showtime can vary depending on the schedule, and can be set on stage or as an interactive act. View a performance here.

Origami Making

World Entertainment - Origami Artist

This Japanese art form is a creative way to entertain at any event. Origami works especially well as a walkabout act because the audience members can learn to make art of their own. Due to this interactive and creative touch, the audience is more likely to remember the event.

It also works as a main feature. Our performer creates beautiful pieces of giant origami in front of an audience. Her works have been featured in leading media including Channel 4, Marie Claire and Design Milk. In addition she has created original, high impact marketing campaigns for global brands such as Lexus, Victorinox and Shiseido. See her in action.

Tango Passion

World Entertainment - Tango Dancers

Our Argentinian Tango partner dancers are supremely sexy and work wonderfully at black tie and formal events. Truly show-stopping, they are the perfect blend of eye candy and talent to give any event a touch of sophistication.

Either have them perform among your guests as a dancefloor act or put them on stage as a showpiece act. They will own the room either way! See them improvising over live jazz here.

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