7 Summer Entertainment Acts to Make Your Events Stand Out

Choosing the right summer entertainment is a great way of setting your event apart from the rest.

Just a well placed acrobatic act or ambient performance can transform an event from humdrum obligation to something that people talk about for years. With over 300 artists and event features on our books, we’ve got a huge range of options for entertainment at summer events.

We came up with a few of our favourite acts that work across a range of demographics, from young to old, and at both B2B and B2C events. They are also great performers no matter whether it’s a daytime, nighttime, indoor or outdoor event. Choose any of these and you’ll really ramp up the summer vibes at your event!


We’ve got everything you could possibly need to create a real tropical island vibe at your events, with London’s best Caribbean bands, and Hawaiian hula dancers among a range of top performers.

Cuban Beats: Sambroso All Stars

Sambroso All Stars

With its stunning white-sand beaches, gorgeous mountainous scenery and fascinating blend of culture, there’s nowhere quite like Cuba. But since we can’t be there right now, we’ve got the next best thing: London’s own Sambroso All Stars!

This group brings authentic Son Cubano, the Afro-Cuban sound from eastern Cuba which gave rise to modern salsa, to London. Blending together an intoxicating fusion of Spanish and African rhythms, the Sambroso All Stars have a contemporary edge. They are perfect summer entertainment for festivals, corporate events, weddings and private functions. Check them out in this video:

The Sambroso All Stars performing at Pizza Express Live. View on YouTube

The band has a flexible line-up that can be tailored to match the occasion. With eclectic lead singer and guitarist Javier and contagious percussionist Oreste Noda leading the ensemble, the size can range from a roaming trio to a 10-piece band. We highly recommend the roaming trio for smaller events: it’s versatile, very interactive and easier on the budget. While nothing beats a full band, the style of music suits a small line up and the show remains interactive.

Caribbean Steel Band

Caribbean Steel Band

Our Caribbean steel band creates seriously uplifting and vibrant music. With their upbeat repertoire of modern and traditional songs, they are suited to summer events with a tropical theme.

With a lineup of experienced and accomplished performers, the band is one of the most prestigious Caribbean acts in Europe. They regularly play weddings, corporate events, private parties, carnivals and festivals.

The live show is mostly comprised of a mix of traditional Caribbean and calypso style music, but the musicians also throw in plenty of contemporary pop and reggae hits to keep the crowd pleased!

Hawaiian Hula Dancers

Hula Dancers

Hawaii is pretty far from London but that doesn’t matter, because these talented dancers bring it straight to your event! Clad in grass skirts and flowery leis, our Hawaiian hula dancers are ideal for long, lazy, sun-drenched days.

Hula dancers are instantly recognisable and bring warmth and fun to any occasion. Gorgeous at summer garden parties and fun-filled family entertainment, they are a showstopper for clients seeking lively party entertainment. For wandering performances, they can wear portable sound systems or lights, and they can improvise or perform choreographed hula dance. They can also interact with the audience whilst dancing, welcoming and guiding, and handing out flowers and tropical refreshments.

They’ve got a lengthy list of happy customers including Vivienne Westwood, Buckingham Palace, the King of Jordan, Harrods, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, MTV, Al Jazeera, Selfridges and the O2 Arena.


There’s no better way to make a refreshing and welcoming summer event than a touch of nature. We’ve got a huge range of ambient acts, acrobats and walkabout artists that’ll bring a summery vibe to your events. Here are a few of our favourites that work well for all sorts of events, and young and old audiences.

Birdcage and Aerial Acrobats

A well-placed aerial performance both mesmerises audiences and adds sophistication to any evening event. We’ve got a range of styles to suit any situation, but our Birdcage act brings the tropics to summer parties.

This is an incredible aerial performance, inspired by the colours and motion of tropical birds. The acrobats put on a stunning performance that culminates in a sparkling explosion of glitter. The magic of this live act is enhanced by beautiful multi-coloured costumes, complete with bird-like feathers. The Birdcage act has been performed across the UK and Europe from the Palm House of Kew Gardens to the Scottish Highlands. The costumes include Birds of Paradise or Parakeets and the aerial act can be paired with matching stilt walkers.

Watch the Birdcage act in a live setting. View on YouTube

Living Topiary & Flower People

The Flower People

Clad head-to-toe in living foliage and flora, these clean, green characters can be planted anywhere at your event. They’ll stand perfectly still, blending into the background… until given the signal, at which point they’ll jump to life and scare the living bejesus out of whoever’s around!

These characters bring summer vibes to garden parties, corporate functions and community events. They also suit a range of demographics and age groups. Outdoors or indoors, they’re a congenial and fun meet-and-greet act, that also add value by creating plenty of Instagram-worthy moments. They perform as a pair and do up to 4 x 30 minute sets for large public events.

Event planners can also customise the colours of the flowers to adhere to an event theme or corporate colour scheme.


After the sun sets, take the party up a notch or two with some of London’s best event bands. These artists are guaranteed to create the right ambience, indoors or out, and make the party last until the early hours.

Wish You Were In Dixie?

The London Dixieland Jazz Band

With their pumping rhythms and stomps, the London Dixieland Jazz Band takes audiences back in time to the swinging 1920s. Brought together in 2010 by Guildhall graduate Robin Harris, the band brings classics back to life with verve and harmony.

These musicians are the crème de la crème of UK jazz talent. The members of the band have worked alongside the likes of Pete Allen, Terry Lightfoot, Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Pete Doherty, Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen, Brass Volcanoes, Snowboy and the Latin Section, Bad Manners, Clem Curtis and the Foundations, Martha Reeves and Vandellas, Eddie Floyd… The list goes on and on!

They’ve got an equally long list of events clients, including Hendricks Gin and London Cocktail Week to name a few. The standard lineup is purely instrumental, but the band works with vocalists upon request. The group varies from 3 to 7 musicians.

The London Dixieland Jazz Band featuring Jami and the Gatsby Girls. View on YouTube.

The Tootsie Rollers

The Tootsie Rollers

You made it this far? Well congratulations, because we saved the best for last!

Having recently performed a-cappella at Ascot, the Tootsie Rollers are set to take the London event scene by storm! A vintage girl band that fuses old-school classics with contemporary hits, in a Tootsie set Pharrell Williams joins Judy Garland and Duke Ellington meets Rizzle Kicks. They can be accompanied by their dashing band the Dappers.

The Tootsie Rollers video for The Boys Go Wild. View on YouTube.

The Tootsies have taken their sound all over the world, and count Colin Firth and Richard Branson amongst their followers. They’ve collaborated with everyone from DJ Yoda to Bruce Forsyth, and performed everywhere from royal palaces to music festivals. They even recently sold out the London Hippodrome with their own show!

They can tailor the sets to be old-school or more funky and uptempo. We suggest keeping to short sets (in between courses for example), with a fabulous costume change in between. They’re available with backing track, with live band, or strolling a cappella.


Here at GS Live we take the business of entertaining very seriously indeed! Whatever your event needs, we can help plan for any eventuality and will ensure that the whole event is a memorable, sophisticated, resounding success!

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