6 Spectacular British Entertainment Ideas

Full of music, theatre and culture, British entertainment events are perfect for overseas clients and larger groups.

Are you putting on events for international companies with employees in the UK? Perhaps you need tailored activities for large groups of tourists or incentive holidays? An event that’s jam-packed with classic British entertainment is guaranteed to take your audience’s breath away. There’s just so much to offer in terms of music, theatre and performing arts that any event producer is spoilt for choice.

The challenge is in combining all the performances together into one event seamlessly. Creating a genuinely amazing British entertainment experience needs a relentless stream of acts that are immersive, interactive and inspirational. And if you’ll permit us to blow our own trumpet for just a minute, we’ve just put together an epic event that we can’t wait to show you! Check it out in this video.

But where to begin? Well, aside from a great venue and an excellent team, you need leading talent to make sure the audience is always engaged. Here are six ideas that you can mix and match to produce an epic British entertainment showcase for your clients.

The Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth II Lookalike

Quite the royal welcome for your guests!

Could there be a more royal welcome than turning up to a party and meeting Queen Elizabeth II herself? We certainly can’t think of one! Well, dust off your best silverware and lay out the red carpet because Her Majesty is in the building! Or at least, a very impressive lookalike…

The spitting image of Her Majesty, our impersonator doesn’t only look the part, she also has the voice and mannerisms down to a very posh ‘T’. We can also provide the very best lookalikes of the whole Royal Family, including Kate and William, Charles and Camilla, and Henry and Meghan.

Of course, they aren’t the genuine article… but they’re all accomplished actors who put on a hilarious and interactive show. Plus, they know their characters inside out and have worked with huge corporate clients and brands. Check out this commercial for T-mobile for example, which features several of our lookalikes.

Traditional and Historical Britain

Lord and Lady Goldwyn

Comedic characters Lord and Lady Goldwyn

British television is famous around the world for period dramas, and the nation’s history is well known. When entertaining guests from around the world, a touch of British culture really helps to make a lasting impression that your guests will remember.

We can furnish your event with traditional English and Scottish dancers, tartan-clad bagpipers, and fools and jesters. But to really bring British history to life, we recommend Caliban’s Dream. This is a triple act of virtuoso musicians who play obscure instruments including the hurdy gurdy, psaltery, shawms and citole. If, like us, you’d never heard of them before, take a look at this video and be amazed…

For an interactive meet-and-greet that delivers plenty of wow factor, we have stilted royal guards, bobbies-on-the-beat and the hilarious comedy double act Lord and Lady Goldwyn. But if budget and space allows, the British Military Imperial Marching Band is guaranteed to make the loudest impression of all. They are, naturally, esteemed musicians, but the choreography, precision and decibel level demand attention like no other!

The British Imperial Military Band

Guaranteed to demand attention: The British Military Imperial Marching Band

British Rock and Pop Music

Beatles tribute act Meet the Beatles

Few nations have produced quite as vibrant a rock and pop music scene as the UK. Indeed, music is one of the main draws for tourists when planning a visit. From classics like the Beatles to modern superstars Adele and Ed Sheeran, there’s plenty for event planners to take advantage of. We provide an extensive range of activities from rock n’ roll tours to world-famous cover bands.

There are some mind-blowingly realistic tribute acts paying perfect homage to the Beatles. Meet the Beatles and the B-Side Beatles are both fantastic for receptions and UK-themed events. Musically and with their costumes and stage show, they really capture the essence of the original Fab Four. If the event calls for it, they can even perform as a wandering act using acoustic instruments and harmonised vocals, adding to the intimacy and interactivity of the show.

If the Beatles put British pop music on the map, then the Stones turned the amps up and showed the world how to rock! The Counterfeit Stones have moves like Jagger and co, and are every bit as energetic on stage. Consummate professionals, they have performed for royalty, major multinationals and celebrity events (including for Mick Jagger himself!).

The Counterfeit Stones

Moves like Jagger: The Counterfeit Stones

Arguably the best cover band around, Killer Queen is simply spectacular. The Queen tribute band not only have the look of the original band, but they sound absolutely spot-on and bring the same high energy Freddy Mercury was famous for. Boasting outstanding musicianship, they have sold out the same arenas as Queen, and even worked with original Queen members Roger Taylor and Brian May. They have even headlined Ollesummer Music Festival, playing for 15,000 people.

West End Musicals

Ideal for gala dinners, these showpiece performances are truly jaw-dropping. With world-leading song and dance talent, the all-singing, all-dancing professionals bring genuine West End glamour to your events.

We recreate many of the classic musicals including the Lion King, Rock of Ages, Chicago, Mamma Mia, Priscilla, Jersey Boys and Phantom of the Opera. Bespoke productions can be arranged too, making your event into a unique feast of colour and sound. Almost all of the performances are directed and choreographed by the same artistic directors who produced the original shows.

The length of each show can be tailored to your event, so it can be used as a during-dinner act, on stage or as an immersive walkabout act. A typical performance includes around 6 singers and 6 dancers.

The Lion King - Live Bespoke Performance

A dancer performing a bespoke performance of the Lion King

A Victorian Circus Experience

Forget any notions you might have about kitsch, old-timey circuses. These artists are extremely talented, consummate professionals who absolutely nail the Victorian aesthetic. Just look at the costumes in the image below: this is what happens when haute couture meets Olympic-level acrobatics.

Victorian Circus Performance Artists

This incredible travelling circus is comprised of an inconceivable assortment of creative and fully-realised characters. There’s the stilt walking clown, a singing accordionist, a juggling ringmaster and a circus lion. There are contortionists, a sword-swallowing dame and a whole plethora of weird and wonderful performers.

One thing’s consistent about all the characters: they always deliver pitch-perfect performances with a truly stunning aesthetic. At your event, they can roam and mingle, creating improvised pieces as they move along.

Bond. James Bond

No British-themed event would be complete without a nod to Ian Flemings international super spy, James Bond. We can bring Pinewood Studios right to your event, with our scarily accurate James Bond lookalike.

James Bond lookalike

It’s really uncanny how much he resembles Daniel Craig – this image barely does justice to his attention to detail. He even featured in Skyfall, working alongside 007 himself, plus Dame Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes and Sam Mendes. The act can be expanded to include lookalikes of Jaws (larger than life at 7’3”!!), Oddjob and Blofeld, plus an Aston Martin DB5.

These Bond lookalikes have an extensive list of clients including Sony, Land Rover, Adele, the RAF, the Royal Navy, PwC, KPMG, Barclays, Zurich, Hilton and Four Seasons. Together they are ideal for UK-themed events, but are also experienced at product launches, award ceremonies and other private events.


Here at GS Live we take the business of entertaining very seriously indeed! Whatever your event needs, we can help plan for any eventuality and will ensure that the whole event is a memorable, sophisticated, resounding success. If you’d like any further information on the bespoke services we offer, please get in touch here.

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