Create a Lasting Impression with Immersive Events

How can you create immersive events that champion your brand values and live long in the memory of your guests?

At GS Live, we focus exclusively on curating one-of-a-kind experiences that engage guests at every turn. We know that it’s really important for branded events to be talked about and remembered long after the last guest has gone home.

One way we achieve this is by having as many focal points as possible for guests to engage or interact with. Performances are not just for the stage. In fact some of the best events have them going on all over the venue. This is one way to make the whole experience distinctive and exclusive. We try to ensure that every component – entertainment, decor, experience – is bespoke and tailored to the event. In some cases we can create a brand new act for specific events.

In this post, we’re going to identify the main things that create memorable, immersive events. So if you’re putting a party on and you want to really entertain your guests and bring your theme to life, read on.

Arcadian Stilt Walkers

Arcadian Stilt Walkers – ideal for venues with higher ceilings!

The Venue Is Part of the Experience

The venue and location is absolutely pivotal to how your guests will experience the event. This is such an important piece of the puzzle which is often overlooked by event organisers. Every venue has its own character, history, or architectural features that can be enhanced with the right choice of entertainment.

Sometimes, what’s an advantage at one venue is a disadvantage for another. High ceilings, for example, can seem unnecessary when booking venues, but they open up a whole range of entertainment possibilities. We offer a range of professional aerial artists such as costumed stilt acts and aerial hoops among many other options. These are all gifted performers whose acts can be tailored for a range of events, from Victorian circus to glamorous black tie.  

Integrate Your Venue With Your Entertainment 

Try to pick a theme that complements the venue’s history and style. For example, take a look at this video of Dolce Vita Live at the Baglioni Hotel.

Live performance of Dolce Vita at the Baglioni Hotel in central London.

This works perfectly as it uses a classic Italian theme, replete with all the glamour of 1920’s Rome and Federico Fellini movies, and puts it in an world-renowned Italian hotel. There’s synergy between venue and entertainment that the guests can buy into, and truly feel transported to another place and time. That’s an important part of curating immersive events for your guests.

As well as the interior, it’s important to consider the overall location. For example if you’re putting on a gala dinner or fundraiser, then you’re likely looking for glitzy, glamorous venues. If this is the case then look for venues in Mayfair. But if you’re looking for a youthful, contemporary or fashionable edge then try east London. Are your guests arriving by car or by public transport? Will there need to be a valet service? What’s the capacity of the venue? Accessibility, ambience, acoustics… there are myriad things to think about when selecting the venue. But if your theme is solid, then you can start to narrow it down. Which brings nicely onto the next segment…

The Lion King Immersive Show

A bespoke, immersive performance of the Lion King at a gala dinner event.

Enhance Your Theme With Bespoke Entertainment

If you’re looking to curate a distinctive, unrepeatable brand experience that dazzles your audience, make sure your event is bespoke.

Try to incorporate artists that are outside of the predictable. If you’re doing a James Bond theme, why not place a contortion acrobat in a giant martini glass. How about Rose Hostesses as a meet-and-greet act for a garden party? Hosting a Studio 54 party? Why not drop a few Disco Ball Heads as a wandering act? We are privileged in London to be surrounded by world-leading professionals in every kind of performance art. Sometimes it just takes a little costume tweak or decorative flourish to make them fit perfectly with your theme.

What’s more, we can even create new artists and performances from scratch. A great example is a tailored rendition of classic musicals such as the rearrangement of the Lion King, pictured above. Sit down with us for a consultation and we’ll work through some ideas to produce the perfect, bespoke artist for your party.

Disco Ball Heads

Disco Ball Heads are an excellent addition to any dance floor.

Blend Show With Service

This is one of our favourite things to do at events: nothing gives the party a boost like making the service part of the entertainment. It always captivates audiences and brings a touch of wow factor to any event. And there are so many great ways to do it.

Encourage your guests to party with playful acts such as flaring bartenders, the perfect addition to a speakeasy theme. Our gifted group put on a barnstorming show while mixing exquisite cocktails, then mingle with the crowd teaching bottle tricks. It’s both hilarious and a genuine icebreaker, and someone may discover a real talent!

Roller skating waitstaff bring a touch of youthful athleticism and colour to a typically boring drink and canapé service. Or how about a team of servers that spontaneously explode into a flashmob? It’s a sure-fire way of commanding people’s attention and guaranteeing the event lingers long in the memory. We also recommend Champagne Aerialists and Canapé Darlings.

Of course all of these options depend on your venue’s space, service area, dance floor and other features… But there’s always a way to introduce a touch of showmanship to your service staff.

Black Cab Photo Booth

A black cab photo booth offers an opportunity for guests to interact. 

Give Your Guests Opportunities to Interact

Giving your guests something to do to make them feel like part of the party is a key part of immersive events. It always leaves a lasting impression.

digital graffiti wall is a great way of combining your event theme with your brand, while getting your audience’s creative juices flowing. The guests can be part of the creative team and leave with digital art as a keepsake.

It could even be something as simple as an on-theme photo booth. These are so undervalued but it’s hard to understand why they aren’t at every event! They are easy to install, light on the budget and wonderfully interactive for kids and adults alike. But they have the added benefit to organisers that guests will want to share their photos on social media or take them home as keepsakes. Some, such as our Classic Car Photo Booths, can really enhance the event visually as well.

Or why not try adding some futuristic technology with a VR installation or some retro charm with classic arcade games? There are many inspirational, creative ways to engage guests at events, and we can curate bespoke experiences for yours.

Decorated DJ Booth

Deck out the DJ booth to fit with your event theme. 

The Decor

When planning an event, of course the decor plays an important role in guests’ experiences and also helps portray brand identity. But you might be surprised by how much a well-chosen act can enhance the aesthetic. For example if your event is an elegant, black-tie evening party, then a chandelier contortionist really brings the glamour to take the event up a notch and wow the audience.

DJs are always an essential part of evening events, but are usually confined to the background. But with a little foresight, they can be elevated through dress and decor into a focal point of the evening. Example: the shimmery DJ booth pictured above as part of a 70s disco theme.

Another key element to help with the immersive event experience is props. A well chosen prop can transform the whole space, while being a conversation piece for guests. The production companies we work with offer excellent craftsmanship, and the props are easy to install without breaking the bank.

Work With Us To Develop An Immersive Event

Here at GS Live we take the business of entertaining very seriously indeed! Whatever your event needs, we can help plan for any eventuality and will ensure that the whole event is an engaging, stylish and memorable success. If you’d like any further information on the bespoke services we offer, please get in touch here.

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