Last Minute Summer Events and Early Winter Bookings

For us event professionals, this time of year is a busy mix between summer and winter events.

On one hand, we’re dealing with last-minute requests for luxurious summer parties and enchanting outdoor events. Meanwhile, keen party planners are already thinking about ways to make their winter events really stand out. With exciting new artists and event themes emerging every day, now is the time to get a head start!

The Best Summertime Entertainment

The summer isn’t quite over yet! It’s still just about hot enough for pool parties. And as long as the sun shines, you can bet we’ll be there curating creative outdoor events and working with the best entertainers in London. (While sipping on mojitos at terrace drinks receptions, naturally.)

Here a few talented artists and entertainers guaranteed to keep late summer events fresh and spectacular. These are some of our favourite artists to work with that always bring a touch of wow factor.

Synchronised Swimmers

Synchronised swimmers make excellent showpiece entertainment at a pool party

Synchronised Swimmers

Perfect for a pool party performance, this hybrid of swimming, dance and gymnastics always mesmerises guests. It can be performed in a variety of arrangements from duos to a full 20-member troupe. Our troupe offers specially-curated choreography and original performances for any occasion. Furthermore, they can arrange bespoke styling to suit specific themes for corporate events and private celebrations.

Beleza Viva

Beleza Viva: bringing contemporary Brazilian jazz to London

Beleza Viva

Here’s a great new act to add a fresh Brazilian flavour to a relaxed soiree. Beleza Viva (“Live Beauty”) is a London-based band that bring Latin rhythms and traditional Brazilian jazz to contemporary pop. New to the London scene, they boast a thrilling sound despite their compact lineup of vocals, guitar and percussion.

Ideal for summer parties, cocktail receptions and elegant-yet-lively venues, Beleza Viva provide memorable musical entertainment for your guests. They are available as a duo, trio or quartet. Watch them perform as a trio here.

Blind Tigers

One of London’s most sought-after jazz acts, the Blind Tigers

Blind Tigers

Bring the sound of Dixieland jazz to your garden reception with the Blind Tigers. This is a band steeped in the traditional New Orleans-style jazz sound. Each member boasts virtuoso credentials, having studied at leading London music schools. However it’s the pronounced influence of old jazz greats that make them stand out. Imagine the sound of Louis Armstrong and Hoagy Carmichael melding with modern luminaries Harry Connick Jr or Eliza Doolittle and you’re in the right ballpark. They conjure a summery atmosphere as a roaming act, making them ideal as background music at dinner or drinks reception. Check them out live here.

Jolie Papillon as a Mermaid

Award-winning burlesque artist Jolie Papillon

Mermaid – Jolie Papillon

Jolie Papillon is an exquisitely talented, versatile and award-winning burlesque artist. Among her many characters is this lifelike mermaid, ideal as an ambient performer or for a main stage show. With a family friendly version or a more risqué burlesque show, Jolie is suitable for daytime or evening events. Add wow factor with a human-sized shell prop.

Jolie trained at one of Europe’s top musical theatre academies before making her mark on the glamorous world of burlesque. A petite powerhouse, she manages to combine the tease and sensuality of burlesque with real theatricality, skill and intelligence. Jolie was awarded the crown of Burlesque Idol UK 2011 and nominated for the London Cabaret Award in 2014.

Other acts include The Lady In Pearls, The Gipsy Blues, The Royal Peacock, Top Hat, and Asian Absinthe Dreams.

Big Entertainment Ideas for Winter

On the other hand, we’ve started getting early-bird requests for the winter season. That means there are plenty of Winter Wonderlands, Christmas parties and end-of-year events in the pipeline. With the extra lead-time it’s important to make sure that acts are fresh, exciting and original… So here are a few acts and themes that we predict will be big this winter. Deploy liberally to take your events to the next level!

Apres Ski Party

Make guests feel at home at a ski lodge-style apres ski party

Apres Ski Party

Transform your venue into an alpine ski lodge complete with themed service staff, DJ, and a ski makeup station. We’ve got the perfect range of cuisine, props and talent to bring alpine lodge luxury to your London event. Our talented makeup artists can roam around the party and help transform them into vividly-coloured, enchanting models! Ideal for winter wonderland or snowy themed events, this is an excellent addition to bring a touch of colour.

For an extra interactive touch, why not add an Alpine Ski VR installation? Other than an artificial slope, this is as close as you can get to the real thing without your passport! Your guests will feel like they are really skiing, but without the hassle of scaling a mountain in freezing weather! The installation comes complete with real skis and poles, a TV stand and a 42” screen for spectators.

Faun Stilts

These faun stilt performers make a great meet-and-greet act at winter events

Snow Fauns on Stilts

If you’re looking for a meet-and-greet or walkabout act that offers plenty of wow factor, this is it. With beautifully designed costumes, they are perfect for snowy celebrations.

Oompah Brass Band

Legends in lederhosen – the Oompah Brass Band

Oompah Brass Band

The energetic performance of our Oompah Brass Band never fails to wow the crowds. They have performed at a wide range of events including on television and radio, appearing live on the shows of Danny Baker, Chris Evans and Richard Bacon among others. Take a look at them performing here, decked out head-to-toe in authentic handmade Bavarian lederhosen.

Polar Bear

This lifelike animatronic polar bear makes for great photos for guests at winter events

Polar Bear

This is an awe-inspiring animatronic prop that blends in superbly for family-oriented Christmas events or corporate functions. It’s a huge hit with audiences worldwide, having appeared at environmental events, Christmas events, winter-theme events; snow and ice parties and film premieres.

A sure-fire hit at children’s events or a notable attraction at variety events, this beast is a great way of making your event memorable.

Are You Looking For Bespoke Entertainment?

That’s about it for this edition, but be sure to check back regularly for the most up-to-date and talented acts on London’s event scene.

Here at GS Live we take the business of entertaining very seriously indeed! Whatever your event needs, we can help plan for any eventuality and will ensure that the whole event is an engaging, stylish and memorable success. If you’d like any further information on the bespoke services we offer, please get in touch here.

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