7 Memorable Ideas For Your Next Team Building Activity

Team building activity. The words themselves drain the soul of inspiration. Most people – employees and employers alike – view team building activities with more than a little skepticism. At best, they are just a day away from the desk.

But not with GS Live!

Forget whiteboard drills and post-it guess-who games. There are no trust falls or three-legged races here. We’ve got a whole range of expert-led, creative and engaging musical and artistic away days. They’ll leave you and your team on a high, with new skills, that’ll be talked about for months to come. Best of all, you’ll form new bonds and stronger relationships that will help in the workplace.

Battle Of The Bands

Living the dream – become a rock n’roll star for the day.

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a rock star? This activity offers a (wholesome) taste of the rock ‘n’ roll experience. If you’ve ever wanted to rock out in a real live band then this is definitely the event for you!

This fun, memorable experience will create closer connections between the participants and resonate for years to come. Everyone in the group works together and with a group of amazing musicians to write and perform an original song. It’s a unifying experience that helps people make genuine friendships with their colleagues. The end result will be everyone participating in the writing and performance of a completely original song.

For the right size group and a longer day the participants can also learn the instruments and perform together as a band!

African Drumming Orchestra Workshop

African Drumming Orchestra Team Building Activity

Getting to grips with the djemba at an African drumming workshop. 

If percussion is more your thing, then this is right up your street. This activity energises participants with a captivating display that brings a taste of Africa to your away day. The workshop includes a music and dance show and runs for approximately one and a half hours. Plus, it’s done in a warm and friendly environment, so even shy people will come out of their shells.

Convenient to set up, it only requires one room in most venues, and will help teammates develop their interpersonal skills. Every participant gets a djembe drum to play and within minutes your group is transformed into a full percussion orchestra. The session emphasises the value of unity and shows how the performance is not only affected by each individual’s effort, but by synchronised effort as a group.

Team Work Of Art

Team Building Work Of Art Activity

Every member of the team works on a part of a work of art.

This event is designed to promote networking within a group of people. The challenge is collaborative, so it immediately brings the group together to achieve one goal. The group is split into small teams, each responsible for a canvas. That blank canvas will ultimately form a part of a masterpiece put together by the group.

The artwork can be unveiled at a later event when everyone will discover that each part of their collaborative work is part of a beautiful bigger picture. Some delegates will enjoy sketching out the image, others will mix paints to ensure consistency and others will coordinate which canvases must go together to guarantee the final image looks as good as it can. The result will be a reflection of everyone’s work.

The final artwork created can even follow the brand and company guidelines, or reflect the theme and message of the event.

Crescendo Classical Music Experience

Crescendo Team Building Activity

Learn the basics of the violin and perform as an orchestra in one day! 

This is the perfect way to bring a touch of class to a team building activity. The group is given violins, and with expert tuition, the basics of the instrument can be learnt in no time. Of course, no-one is going to become Paganini in one day… But with the ‘play-by-numbers’ approach, beginners can learn small sections that add up when played together.

Once the group is comfortable with the basics, the tutors help them through Pachelbel’s Canon. It’s a tremendous piece to learn in such a short period of time. This event will make your away day very memorable and it’ll be talked about in the office for months to come!

This is an indoor activity and takes around 90 minutes; groups range from between 6 to 125 people.

West End Musical Team Building Activity

West End Musical Team Building Activity

Give those vocal cords a workout with a West End musical experience. 

OK, so you never realised your dreams of taking to the stage and singing your heart out to an enraptured audience. Well, don’t give up on the dream just yet! This is a chance for you and your colleagues to give those vocal cords a proper workout. You’ll spend the day learning from a handful of the West End’s top performers, then piece together a number from a classic show. Choose from Mamma Mia, Les Mis, Chicago, Hamilton, We Will Rock you and many many more. After you’ve practiced your part, the day culminates with a performance to your colleagues… It’s the ultimate team building experience!

The whole activity typically lasts around 3 hours and works for groups from 20 to 80 people.

Blow The Blues Away

Blow The Blues Away Team Building Day

Learn to play the harmonica as a group – and receive one to take home!

This is a fun, energising and interactive activity for corporate events and parties in which delegates or guests are taught the breathing and playing skills needed to master the harmonica.

With our extraordinarily talented jazz and blues presenter giving a toe-tapping performance at the introduction, each delegate then takes their own harmonica and is taught the hand positions, mouth positions and breathing techniques required to play the instrument.

Typically, the running time for this activity is between 30 minutes to an hour, and it’s best for groups of 15 and up. It helps bring people together as they are all working together to achieve a goal while developing a new skill. Plus, everyone gets a harmonica as a memento of the experience!

One Voice Vocal Team Building Activity

One Voice Vocal Team Building Day

Singing as part of a choir – the One Voice team building activity.  

From church choirs to karaoke bars, singing always lifts people’s spirits. This activity is hugely uplifting, giving participants a massive confidence boost and quite literally getting them to work in total harmony! Plus, with top-notch vocal coaches, there’s enough energy and innovative techniques to help even the most tuneless individuals hold a note.

By uniting all the voices in your team, this activity demonstrates what can be achieved when everyone really opens their hearts, minds and vocal cords. The activity can take between 10 and 45 minutes and it’ll focus the mind and bring positivity to the team. Groups range from 12 people and up.

Looking to Take Your Team Building Activity to the Next Level?

That’s about it for this edition, but be sure to check back regularly for the most up-to-date and talented acts on London’s event scene.

Here at GS Live we take the business of entertaining very seriously indeed! Whatever your event needs, we can help plan for any eventuality and will ensure that the whole event is an engaging, stylish and memorable success. If you’d like any further information on the bespoke services we offer, please get in touch here.

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